Shift Happens! GFX100S with Laowa 15mm Shift lens

I had the Laowa 15mm F4.5 Zero D shift lens for a day. Brought it to an interior shoot this morning. Didn’t used much as it too wide for my liking.  If I am correct, that would means it a 12mm lens focal length when mounted on the GFX100s. I am sure it would be amazing for landscape or city scape photography. 

Tried a shot for an interior scene

Later in that same afternoon I had an hour to play a little while waiting for my daughter to finish her art class. It’s a pretty fun lens to use. Perfect for architectural photography.This manual lens is build like a tank.  I have tested a couple hand held snaps and I feel that this lens sharpness level is above average. Distortion is not zero but very close.All the below photo are shot either in F8 or F11. I am sure when mounted on a full frame camera is going to be much better. On the GFX100S, the result are good and I guess I needed more time to put this lens through it paces to squeeze the best out. If I needed this lens for work, I would still recommend. It’s 100% useable and at this price point of USD$1199, this lens do command value. 

Lastly sharing the best photo competition for all FujiFanBoys. We have 2 category this year. X series and GFX series. Prizes includes the latest XF18mm F1.4 WR, GF50mm F3.5 amazing EIZO monitors, Nanlite and more. Call for entries. Details at Looking forwards to your submissions. Good Luck!

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