Sweet Eighteen. (XF18mm WR)

Once in a while in the world of photography; a lens do rise above the rest. When I was handed the XF18mm F1.4; I didn’t have any expectation as I own both the XF16mm F1.4 and XF23mm F1.4. And I love these 2 lenses. And this new lens sits on a focal length that is not really my cup of tea. I always find the 28mm view of field neither here nor there. Not really wide enough to create any impactful images. 
My love story for Fujifilm prime lenses started with XF35mm F1.4. And that was 7 years ago and I still use it till this day. In fact, I love all the Fujifilm fast primes. My prime collection now includes, XF16mm F1.4, XF23mm F1.4, XF35mm F1.4, XF56mm F1.2 APD, XF90mm F2 and my latest which I waited 3 months for it, the XF50mm F1.0 WR. 
With the XF18mm F1.4 WR, I don’t see any reason why I needed it. Also my investment is now on GFX series which I tout it as the new Full Frame system. 
I have this lens for a week and decided to use it exclusively. As always I don’t have any information on anything new. So I will just let my photos do the work. I guess this is really a GPL; General Purpose Lens. I will just shoot whatever comes along.

Pretty handsome looking lens.
XF18mm with X-E4. Looking slick.
X-Pro3, F1.4, ISO 160, Jpeg
Lite with a single Broncolor Siros 800L
X-Pro3, F10, ISO 160, Jpeg
X-Pro3, F5.6, ISO 160, Jpeg

I do know it has a 62mm diameter. When place beside a XF16mm F1.4 lens,  the XF18mm just about a filter size taller. It’s also slimmer because the XF16mm filtersize is 67mm. It does feel lighter and the construction is good but feel more less beefy vesus the XF16mm F1.4 and XF23mm F1.4.
As for auto focus, it’s quick. Nothing to complain in that department. It’s also weather resistant. Which should be a standard feature in all lenses, in this time and age.  MFD is also pretty good; but XF16mm does better in this arena.

Just a tad taller vs the XF16mm sibling.
MFD with XF18mm
MFD with XF16mm F1.4, which is much closer vs XF18mm
X-Pro3, F1.4, ISO 160, Jpeg
Full Frame ( @F1.4) Jpeg
Zoom in to 100%
Even at 200%, the file still holds very well.
X-Pro3, F6, ISO 160, Jpeg
X-Pro3, F5.6, ISO 320
Vs its closest sibling, XF18mm is much taller.
X-Pro3, F1.4, ISO 320, 1/340
X-Pro3, F1.4, ISO 160, Jpeg
X-Pro3, F1.4, ISO 160, Jpeg
Family Portraits
X-Pro3, F3.2, ISO 160, Jpeg
Looks good with a X-Pro3.
X-Pro3, F2.8 ISO 160, Jpeg
X-Pro3, F6, ISO 200, Jpeg
The rendering of the bokeh is pretty nice. Agree?
F3.2, ISO 160

As mention in the beginning of this blogpost, sometime a lens do rise above the rest. And I am gonna say this, strangely this is that lens. As mention earlier, I own many Fujifilm prime lenses and when I look at the files taken with the XF18mm F1.4 WR lens; the photos are really sharp. I don’t have any scientific proof but would encourage everyone to test it out when you have the opportunity. Even though the focal length is not my cup of tea. I think it could be the sharpest lens among all the F1.4 primes. 
Does this last point gives me a valid reason to purchase it? I am still thinking about it.

Meet the sharpest new kid in the block.

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  1. They talk about certain sparkle when reviewing Leica and Zeiss lenses. I believe this lens has similar qualities. In my pictures, it reminds me of the Zeiss 35/1.4 M mount lens.

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