Shooting Eterna with X-H1

Eterna is the new film simulation from Fujifilm. 
As mention in my previous post; I have never
heard of Eterna film, less using a roll of if it
in the film days.
The characteristic is more muted in the color
profile department. As mention its ideal for world
of videography. So how did it fair in the world of
I have mixed feelings for Eterna. Just like all of us
we have our favorite Fujifilm film simulation.
Pro-Neg Hi and Classic Chrome are my all time
I have been using a pre-production X-H1 for quite
awhile and I must say initially I didn’t like Eterna.
I find it’s a bit flat and the color are not its strongest
feature. There is a slight light blue cast too. I couldn’t
think of what Eterna will work hand in hand with.
My initial though was maybe for architectual
photography. The cool hue may work well in certain
The more I shoot with it, I realize with all things;
it has its weaknesses and strength. A few days ago
I had the morning free and decided to bring the
X-H1 along for a photowalk. Armed with 2 lenses
that I usually don’t used. XF10-24mm and
XF50-140mm plus TC 1.4. I wanted the best of both
world and decided to leave all my primes at home.
McRichie Reservoir is the central catchment in
Singapore. It’s also a park. I have not been there
for almost 5 years and I glad I did. Wish I could
do this more often.
Below are some jpeg photos taken during this
photowalk. All photo are process “lightly” with
Capture One. They are all taken at different day
light conditions. From about 8am to 11am Have a
look at see how Eterna fair in this topical nature
photography session of mine. I feel not all pictures
works beautifully with Eterna but a good number
do. Its does give a beautiful mood to the feel. And
I am beginning to see some light at the end of the
tunnel. Let me know what you think and which
photo works?
#2 (I like this)
#7 (I like this feel)


DSCF5716 1
#32 ( I like this feel too )

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  1. I think the eterna pics are closer to real colors and with minimal post can be tweaked to personal liking. Greens on trees are usually never far away from the greens on the eterna footage, and there is too much needless flashy saturation amongst photographers. Nice pics. Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks for your insight. A local new paper journalist just mention to me that Eterna is perfect for documentary and press work. I may going try it out tomorrow for some beauty shoot. 🙂

  2. I’m struggling with understanding where the xh1 reasoning is, other than being balanced better for large telephoto lenses. I’ve said as much on several forums and been countered on the fact that the xh1 is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    However the Eterna film sim seems to me like one more reason that i don’t understand the xh1.
    Your photos are terrific. No knocks on your photo skills. But the eterna looks to me like Classic Chrome and Pro Neg Hi loved each other, and their baby was a little more saturated.
    I appreciate the review. What it shows me is that Ibis is the biggest selling point do the xh1, not Eterna.

    1. Hello Kris, You are not the only one trying to reason how X-H1 is position. I believe the battlefield is in the video area with other video centric camera. I have to agreed with ya its biggest selling point is indeed IBIS. And this is especially useful for the video guys. Cheers and have a great weekend.

  3. I’ve got a collection of National Geographic magazines from the 70’s till today. And it’s obvious that the aesthetics of photo has changed over the years. Back then photos had a certain type of atmosphere, a more flat dynamic range, and never too saturated, with a pale and soft representation of the shadows. Lovely! Much like the Eterna. Your pictures would fit right into a classic photo book from the 70’s. Today photos are often overly punchy with strong contrasts and saturation, and it’s often impossible to know what’s going on in the shadows, because they’re crushed, to create a dramatic look? I welcome the Eterna film simulation with open arms. The first thing I do when I grade photos is to bring back the dynamic range. Eterna seems to be a great starting point for both videos and photos.

    1. Thanks for your insight. I wasn’t a fan of Eterna but as I keep shooting it kind of grow with me. Can’t agreed with you more in regards to current punchy and strong contrast of today. Eterna is very easy on the eyes once you take time to appreciate the style. Cheers.

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