X-Photographers Retreat 2018

During last September X-E3 launch in Singapore, I was having a
chat with Favian Loo who is the Divisional Marketing Manger. I also
took the liberty to casually mention maybe we should have a

X-photographer’s retreat.

Fast forward to January 2018; we are all heading to our first 3 days
X-Photographer retreat at ClubMed Bintan in Indonesia. Fujifilm values
the feedback of its users. Now I am happy again that even a casual
proposal is even taken seriously. Thank you Fujifilm SG.
ClubMed Bintan
This tree says it all.


Sharing some photos taken with a pre-production X-H1 during this
retreat. Lenses used are either XF16mm F1.4, XF23mm F1.4 and
XF90mm F2. This is our first retreat and I am sure it not the last.
To many more to come.
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