Sigma 100-400mm.

Sigma is really adding more lenses for X-mount. Now, 6 in total. I had the opportunity to take the SIGMA 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG DN OS for a spin. To be exact, like a week. 

I like this new lens as I would compare with Fujifilm XF100-400mm F4.5-5.6. Unfortunately it’s not an apple to apple comparison. Fujifilmhas a 2/3 stop advantage on the near end and 1/3 stop on the far end. This will be the only disadvantage and maybe the XF100-400mm’s OIS do feels better to me. Unfortunately I can’t prove that and you can’t really take my word for it. LOL.

The only thing that is similar is the focal length. So what is the reason;one would consider this Sigma lens over Fujifilm? Here are the few advantages

1. Size.

It’s overall smaller. 67mm filter size vs 77mm for XF100-400mm. Length, Sigma 199.5mm vs Fujifilm 210.5mm. So in term if size, the Sigma do feel smaller; which is a warm welcome for me.

2. Weight

Sigma weighs 1135g vs Fujifilm at 1375g. (240g weight difference) 

3. Price
Sigma USD $949 vs Fujifilm USD$ 1899. This is a major plus point.

From the above,  Sigma do commands value. AF is good but in low light condition; I do experience some hunting. And for IQ, it’s good; pretty close to Fujifilm glass. 

No complain for this department. So in conclusion, I would recommend this lens for photographers that is new and looking for a telephoto lens. At USD$ 949 this is a very attractive option. 

Of course there are other option too; like XF70-300mm add a 1.4 teleconverter. The overall package will cost $1248 ( $799 + $449 ) at F5.6-8. With a focal range of 98mm-420mm. Tamron 150-500mm weights 1.71KG and cost USD$ 1299.  It’s a big lens too. 82mm filter size. Having said that; it’s a good third party lens too. 

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