Shift Happens! ( and Tilt too) GF30mm F5.6 T/S and GF110mm F5.6 T/S Macro

Tilt and shift lens is kind of the missing puzzle in the GFX lens eco system. Better late than never. I can understand; as these are very specialise lenses. Primarily for interior, architectural photography and also landscape photography.  

I remembered some 2 years ago, I brought a 15mm Laowa shift lens for commercial work. It’s more of a full frame lens. The lens is good but not good enough to handle the 100MP sensor of the GFX. I get by. 
Fast forward today; I am happy to share my first impression of the new Tilt / Shift lens.Not one but 2 T/S lenses. GF30mm F5.6 T/S and GF110mm F5.6 T/S Macro. They are both manual lenses. 

Both lenses are big. It has a 15mm shift capability. Is that a big deal? That is 3mm more vs the competition. That is big deal especially for interior and architectural photographers. At 15mm shift it still covers the GFX sensor. One of the cool feature of this lens; It has a built-in-sensor to record shift amount and rotation angle. And this applies to both T/S lenses. These T/S lenses has ~90°~90° revolving and 0°~90 TS revolving. I had fun using the GF30mm T/S vs GF110mm T/S. Below are some photos taken with these 2 very specialise lenses. Cheers and thank you for reading this short 1st impression.

GF30mm F5.6 T/S
GF30mm F5.6 T/S Mounted on a Leofoto Tripod
GF30mm F5.6 T/S
With Bobby and Eujin of Broncolor at the set of shooting a Grand Seiko.
We spend about an hour to shoot the grand seiko. Thank you Eujin for setting up the amazing Broncolor light for the shoot.
Shot with GFX100 ll + GF110mm F5.6 T/S Macro. Light with Broncolor
At 100% Zoom
GF30mm F5.6 T/S

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