Silly 35mm comparison.

I was just looking on my dining cum work table with all the cameras and lenses on it. And when I am are bored; I decides to do a quick and silly comparison with all the 35mm I have at hand. The four 35mm lenses are:

1. Light Lens Lab 35mm F2

2. Artralab 35mm Nonikkor F1.4

3. 7Artisans 35mm F1.2

4. Fujifilm 35mm F1.4

Team 35mm

They are all manufacture at different timeline. First, Light Lens Lab 35mm F2. I have limited knowledge on Leica. Was told that Light Lens Lab 35mm F2 is a lens manufacturer that recreates legendary Leica lenses. Some says it’s as close as 95% to the original. Other says it’s better. This manual lens is not cheap. Starting from USD$1000. Of course compared with the original this lens is a bargin.

Light Lens Lab 35mm F2 + X-E4

Next is Artralab 35mm Nonikkor F1.4. Also a manual lens. Same as Light Lens Lab, Artralab recreates the 1960’s Nikon lenses. My first camera system was a Nikon and I think they are really doing a good job too. It does give that Nikon vintage look of that era. It’s price at less than USD400 each. 

Artralab 35mm Nonikkor F1.4

Third is the popular 7Artisans 35mm F1.2. This lens always commands great value. Price at USD$139 they lens has many rave reviews. 

Last but not least is the original and also my 1st ever XF lens. The Fujifilm XF35mmF1.4. It’s consider an old lens in the Fujifilm eco system. AF is slow, noisy, no WR anda little soft wide open. Especially compare with the newer generation lenses. Like XF33mm F1.4. But this lens is very special to many; including myself. It has a “magical” feel. LOL. This lens is a keeper for me.

XF35mm with X-E4

So the silly challenge starts with Light lens Lab. It’s a F2 lens and therefore all the other 3 lenses will be shot at F2. The minimum focusing distant is about 70 cm and all others will be shot at that distant. This is not a scientific test, please kindly remember that. Below are the result. All SOOC. Do note that every lens represented here, have its own purpose and objective. Either heritage; price, etc. Just like we purchase a lens for whatever the reason may be. The design, the size, weight, budget… etc. 
After looking at it; tell me what you think? 

Light Lens Lab 35mm F2 @F2
Artralab 35mm Nonikkor F1.4 @F2
7Artisans 35mm F1.2 @F2
Fujifilm 35mm F1.4 @F2
100% zoom. SOOC. This photo makes me rekindle my love for XF35mm.

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