Celebrating the 80s with Artralab 24mm F1.7

I have never heard of Artralab until they contacted me. And I was pretty excited about their product after they shared with me the details. A re-creation of a 1980s Nikon lens. Its name, Artralab Nonikkor-MC 24mm F1.7. It’s a manual lens. (Duh!) I started my photography journey as a young lad with a hand me down from my dad. A Nikon FM with a 36-72mm zoom lens. So you can understand my excitement of mating such a lens to a X-series camera.

The construction of this lens is metal. A solid vintage feel. A clickable aperture ring from F1.7 to F16. All in full stops. No half stops adjustment. Full manual lens with no electronic contacts. This lens minimum focusingdistant is a respectable 23cm. A 52mm filter and fits X-T5 beautifully. In fact this lens will fits beautifully on any X-series camera. 100% retrolicious. 

What is point a good looking lens and having poor glass. I think it’s the Artralab glass that shine the brightest. When I started shooting with it; the photo it yields does give me a vintage Nikon feel. Something that I could relate to. This is especially true as it gives the feel of the film era. The SOOC shots brings me back in time when I first started shooting with the Nikon FM. If one is looking for a new lens that has a vintage Nikon feel. This Artralab lens will be it.  Well done to the guys from Artralab.

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