SQ6 : Beautifully Square

I must say this new SQ6 is not that cute. Don’t get me wrong; not that cute

in a good way. It looks square of course; in a very trendy and modern way.

As for cuteness; just a little tint. The new SQ6 comes with 3 colors option.
Blush Gold, Graphite Gray and my favorite; Pearl White.
My daughter loving’ the new SQ6.


SQ6 comes with 6 functions. Automatic Exposure Control; this function
helps you get your subject and the background lite. Perfect for night-time.
Selfie Mode. There is a mirror on the side of the lens to help one gets
everyone in the frame. Macro Mode for close-up photography. Anything
from 30-50cm. Landscape Mode, for anything from 2M to infinity. Next
is Double Exposure mode and lastly Light and Dark Mode. It’s like a
compensation dial; or should I say button. One button for +1 and
the other for -1.
There is also a timer and flash off button at the back. In the box also comes
with 3 colored flash covered. Orange, purple and green. Clip it over the flash
and you get a diffrent color cast. Used as your mood takes you.
As a whole I like SQ6.  I think SQ6 is now cater for both ladies and men
too. I could see myself having one too. I just love the square format Instax.
Its gives a special feeling that is intangible.
Papa; I think I need a new Instax.

IG : @pigscanflyphotography


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