The Dark Side

As a Fuji fanboy; we all have our favorite X-series camera or
cameras. My favorite is definitely the X-Pro and X100 series.
This is also how I started my love affair with the brand. I love
the rangefinder style of both these sexy cameras. The hybrid
viewfinder is definitely unique. In a nutshell they feel special in
my hands. Not many cameras are able to create this emotion.
If rumor is true about GFX 50R; I am really looking forward to

this rangefinder style medium format camera.

What about my GFX and X-T2? They are certainly my top
choice for my commercial work. They are workhorse.
Professional workhorse indeed.
Today I wanna share something on the dark side. I have never
own a X-A series camera. But when Mr Favian Loo from Fujifilm
Singapore handed me a X-A5 and ask me to have a look at the
new Dark Silver model. I am a sucker to great style and design.
Boy, was I blown away by the color and hue. X-A5 have always
be a fun and cute looking camera. But this Dark Silver really
makes the X-A5 looks modern, handsome and somehow looks
more expensive.
Welcome to the dark side.
As its on a darker shade; all the texts on the camera is now in
white. Yes you heard it. I actually love it. How it compliment the
color of dark sliver beautifully.

DSCF3861DSCF3863DSCF3739DSCF3872 1

What is there not to love about this color?

DSCF3734 1

If anyone is looking for a great entry-level camera that is feature
packed and doesn’t look cute but cool; X-A5 Dark Silver will be it.
As for this camera capability; do check on my earlier blogpost on
my review of X-A5.
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  1. Very nice intro to the X-AS, Ivan! As an X-Pro2 user myself, I started out in the Fujifilm X-System with an XT1, having loved the ergonomics and manual controls of that camera, not to mention the awesome EVF! I only went to the X-Pro2 for the higher-resolution sensor, since it was the first to upgrade from the 16MB sensor of hte XT1. NOw, I anxiously await the XT3, with an even more updated sensor and processing engine, since I make large poster prints, I need the most resolution I can get…Of course, the GX50 would be ideal, but regrettably outside of my current budget. Besides, I recently acquired the superb Fujinon XF80mm f/2.8 Macro lens, which is the absolute sharpest lens I’ve used in my 35 years in photography. That, combined with my focus-stacking technique for product photography, yields images with detail that, IMHO, would rival FF or even medium format in terms of image sharpness and detail rendition! Thanks again sir! Regards, Steve

    1. Hello steve, thank you for writing. Yes; the XF80mm is indeed a great lens. Its yield heaps of detail. this is true since you do product photography. all the best.

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