Tamron Singapore and FujiFanBoys

Together with Tamron Singapore;  Fujifanboys is treated to a delightful afternoon.This event is held at Cles Distribution; who is the distributor for Tamron. We started the afternoon with some sharing from me about the two TamronZoom lenses for X-Mount. The 17-70mm F2.8 and the 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 Superzoom. These are two interesting focal length compared with the traditional offerings. 

Lawrence from Cles welcoming the participants.
Sharing tethering shooting workflow with Profoto lighting.
Many are surprise how light weight Tamron lenses are.
Touch and feel.

This is followed by a yummy lunch where we fellowship with old friends and meet new ones. Its always great to hang out with fellow photographers. This is where we learn new ideas and share photography tips with one another. 

With my buddy, the famous Keith Wee.
Meet the Lacoste brothers.
Lunch is serve.
Meet the boys.
Keith Wee and the cool dude from Profoto, Suan Yang

After lunch, all participants get to test out the two Tamron lenses as we headed out for a photowalk around Singapore civic district. The civic district is packed with lots of history, lovely architectural of the colonial era along the famous Singapore River. 

Our first model; Cat!

The best part; there is a mini photo competition exclusively for the participants. Participants needs to submit photos taken during this event. Do check out their submission in IG with this hashtag #streetwithtamron  The winner gets to win a brand new X-mount Tamron 17-70mm F2.8 lens! 2nd prize is a carbon fiber tripod from Fotopro. 3rd prize is Fotopro X-Go tripod. 

Certainly a happy shooter.
Along Singapore River.
A quick snap of Lawrence from Cles. AKA, Mr Nice Guy.
Some street portraits
Snap Snap Snap.
A Bromance moment.

After an hour of lovely photowalk we headed back to Cles Singapore at High StreetCentre. This office also serves as a service centre for Tamron lenses. All Tamron lenses comes with 3 years warranty in Singapore. 

Meet the FujiFanBoys.

The last event is a photoshoot with our lovely model, Phun. I shared the concept of shooting in HSS. For this simple set-up, a small and powerful Profoto B10X Plus as key light and also a Profoto A2. A.K.A. the Little Big Light as a hair light. Here participant gets to fire off HSS style shooting and also available light style with the 2 Tamron lenses.

Our lovely model Miss Phun.
Sometime I do try to act cute. LOL
Lighting Set-up by Profoto
Miss Phun
Nailing the shot.
sharing is caring.
Zoom Zoom Zoom
Light by Profoto
Till the next time……

This may be our first activity with Tamron Singapore and I am certain it’s not the last. Finally, do remember to follow https://www.instagram.com/tamron_singapore/ for their latest Tamron products and promotions. Till then; have a super day ahead. 


Special Thanks to 

Tamron Singapore

Cles Distribution Pte Ltd



Tethering Tools  

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