The Ultimate Fuji Hot Shoe Cover.


2 years ago, Keith Wee gave a hot shoe cover for my Fujifilm camera. I have always

mount it on my camera for most of my gearporn shot for my blogpost. Many people from

around the globe have been asking where could they get their hand on it. My standard

reply is; it’s a gift. This is not your usual X print Hot Shoe. Its a very well crafted and the

X is actually embossed with brush steel texture.

Isn’t it beautiful?
Looks amazing with GFX50R too.

9-DSCF8601lDSCF2281 1DSCF4247l


Recently I conducted a workshop in Singapore and a Fuji Fanboy flew from Taiwan to

attend. His name is also Ivan and I told him about my X Hot Shoe is from Taiwan. One

thing lead to another; He found the heaven’s gate to the supplier!

3 Fuji Fanboys. Ivan Wong, Ivan Loh and Ivan Chen. What are the odds of having 3 ivan’s at one workshop?

Thanks to Ivan for helping me buy some and  I recently had  6 giveaway at my IG and of

course many Fuji Fanboys was disappointed that they didn’t win and one even asked for

a recount. LOL


Before I give you the link below; there are 2 steps needed to get you hands on it.

The supplier only deals in Taiwan. So you need to find a friend who lives in Taiwan. Ask

him or her to help you buy and resend it to you. Cost about USD$6.50 each. Cheers and

remember to follow my IG


Lastly I think after this blog post; this product could be sold out in no time and sorry I

don’t have any promo code. LOL.


Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 7.24.49 PM


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