Useful Little XF27mm

XF27mm F2.8. I don’t own one. Maybe it because there are better XF lenses out there.
Like XF23mm F2 WR and XF35mm F2 WR. If size is never an issue, XF23mm F1.4 and
XF35mm F1.4 are both amazing lenses. I own them and I love using it.
After purchasing a silver X-Pro3; I have been on a quest to find a lens to match this
sexy camera. I love the 23mm focal length for street. It’s been my favorite for as long
as I could remember.
After mounting a couple of lenses, I felt that the XF27mm F2.8 lens is probably the
best lens to be mounted on the X-Pro3. Of course I was referring to the “looks”
department. At first I felt without the aperture ring it does look wrong. I added a @squarehood lens hood on the XF27mm and strangely this look kind of put everything
in place. After a while I do like the absence of aperture ring on the lens. It gives this set-up a rather modern look with a hint of retro. It will grow with you. And if you are smitten by this beautiful square lens hood; I do have a 10% discount and the promo code is FUJIFANBOYS27MM
Now I have gotten the looks department sorted out; how is this lens? Since the
beginning this little lens didn’t get many praises from the community. I guess the main
“flaw” will be the lack of aperture ring and manual on/off switch. And the F2.8
aperture. ( do we really need more?)
The last two week I have been using it exclusively. The greatest advantage is the
size and weight of this lens. To be exact; it’s 78 grams. Auto focus is quick and
accurate. I have no complain on that. What about the image quality? it’s certainly
not the sharpest lens. That doesn’t mean is not sharp. To some photographer a
F2.8 prime lens may be a put off. To me this trade-off is worth a consideration.
Price, I think it not cheap. At USD449, one do have other options. XF23mm F2 WR
is going for the same price and XF35mm F2 WR is going for USG$399. Again
at this point of writing B&H is offering a USD$50 gift card for every purchase
of XF27mm F2.8 lens. Effectively making it USD$399.
Finally I think XF27mm F2.8 is never meant to be a top rated lens. In a nutshell it’s a
very useful lens. Would I recommend it? If size and weight is your top priority,
please go for it. There is no better pairing; a perfect walkabout lens. To put things into perspective. The new X100V weight 478 grams with battery and SD card. X-Pro3 and XF27mm lens weights 575 grams with battery and SD card. 97 grams separate this 2 set-up. Below are some photos to share how well this lens perform. Till then do follow our IG @FujiFanBoys for all the Fuji goodness. Stay safe.

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