Revisiting X-A7

In my journey as a Fujifilm X-photographer, I have many opportunities to test and own many higher end cameras in their line-up. I was never really keen on their entry level camera for many reasons. Primarily their feature. A good example is the focusing speed; just not fast enough for me. They do have many features that I don’t need and feature that I needed wasn’t up to par as it’s an entry level camera. Not that it’s bad, just that I wanted something more even for the casual everyday shooting. Of course the big advantage for any entry level camera is the price point. And for X-A7 this camera actually packed quite a lot of features.  


DSCF6564 2
X-A7 + XF18mm F2


Last week I decided to pimp up a X-A7 with a XF18mm F2 lens and paired it with a X70 external optical viewfinder. (VF-X21) OK, together they really look amazing. I decided to challenge myself to use this as my everyday camera. Many of you would know my everyday camera is the X100 series. To up the challenge; I decided to flip and close the LCD screen and just relied on the external optical viewfinder. I must add it wasn’t easy getting the frame right. I do get many missed frame and missed focus shot too. After awhile I kinda gotten the hang of it and things started to fall in place. 

DSCF6660DSCF6975DSCF9019DSCF6993DSCF6539 2DSCF6058DSCF6074DSCF6098DSCF6126DSCF6180DSCF6233DSCF6341DSCF6512DSCF4994DSCF4825DSCF4940DSCF4971DSCF3037DSCF1017DSCF6531

But this opens a new liberation on how I shoot. More like transporting myself back to the film days. I keep telling myself not to open up the LCD to review my shots. When I finally uploaded the photos to my laptop; many missed shot and also some surprises. In a nutshell; I had fun. Isn’t photography suppose to be fun?

X-A7 with a very unlikely pairing. XF200mm F2!
X-A7 with XF200mm F2

As for X-A7, I think it a pretty, small; feature packed, 4K video. Perfect for vlogging. It has come a long way since X-A1. I would certainly recommend this camera for friends who wanna give photography a shot. 

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