X-A3, its Pinkalicious!

Real man wear pink. I guess is proper to also mention real photographer uses
a pink camera? May I introduce the new pinkalicious X-A3 from Fujifilm.
This is the third generation retro looking entry level camera from the X-Series.
In its heart is a new 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor. A definite upgrade from
X-A2 16mp sensor. So what else is new?


XF23mm F2



There is classic silver, brown and now, pink to choose from! The newly- developed
skin feels more luxe to the touch. To further enhance the quality of X-A3, the top
cover, front plate and top dial are all made of aluminum.

Touch Screen
Like the X70, X-A3 now offer a touch screen. You are now able to “Touch AF” ,
“Touch Shoot” and “Touch Zoom”, in which you use the pinch-out finger to use
a prime lens as if it a zoom lens. Or we call it digital zoom.

XC16-50mm ISO 3200
XC16-50mm ISO 6400
XC50-230mm ISO 3200
XC50-230mm ISO 6400

180 degree slide and tilt LCD
This is ultimate feature for those to loves to shoot selfie more then anything
else. Even when tilted by 180 degree, the LCD is not blocked by the camera
and thus allowing for 100% visibility. This also activates the Eye Detection AF
to automatically adjust and focus into your beautiful eyes. The amazing part
is when one is taking selfie, the grip handles perfectly. Not a bit of discomfort;
kudos to the design team.



It pretty snappy but certainly not as blazing fast as its older sibling; like the X-Pro2
and X-T2. The X-A3 now has a focus switching lever at the front. This lets the
user quickly switch between AF-S, AF-C and manual focus. Additional new feature
includes Zone and Wide / Tracking modes, which uses the 77-point focus areas to
capture moving subjects.


Wireless communication functions.
This feature is as essential as a lens in this social media culture we live in.
Wifi is standard. Now one could also focus and trigger the camera or even
adjust exposure and other setting via your smart phone. With Remote Shooting,
the app not only offers basic operation such as Touch AF and shutter speed
adjustment, but also lets you adjust a variety of shooting settings or initiate
video recording. Perfect for group photos, self-portraits when not a single soul is
around to help you.



Film Simulation and Advanced Filters.
There are now a total of 10 Advanced Filters available. I may not be a fan but
I believe many will enjoy it. As for me I am more excited about Fujifilm film
simulation. The X-A3 Film Simulation function now offers 11 modes, including
the newly-added “PRO Neg.Hi’ and “PRO Neg.Std.”


Here are some other upgrades that i think it worth the mention. Exposure
compensation is now at 3 stops +/-. Another great feature is the 1/32000
of a second Electronic Shutter. This is primary a essential tool in broad
daylight when one need to shoot wide open for a portrait shot with a
prime lens.

X-A3. 6 FPS.
X-A3. 6 FPS.
X-A3. 6 FPS.
X-A3. 6 FPS.

Portraits Enhancer Mode; this mode helps “soften” the skin effect. X-A3’s LCD
is able to tilt 180 degree which is great for Selfie but its also great for those who
wanna do Vblog. Panorama and Time Lapse functions is also standard feature
now. Battery life is at 410 shots.




Final thoughts
As this is a pre-production model; I did encounter some issue while shooting and
some of the feature is also not working. It also didn’t work too well with the XC16-50
Kits Lens. Which is not a huge problem, as there are so many other lenses to play
with. I believe all this will be iron out when this lovely camera arrives.

At this price point, X-A3 balances between good still image and decent performance.
6 FPS, APS-C 24MP sensor, Film Simulation, Selfie mode, Wifi, Touch Screen, the list
goes on. X-A3 has indeed grown up. I love the design; modern, cute and retro, all at the
same time. Some would say at this price point; I would rather have the X70. Quite valid.
But If one wanna experience the awesome XF lenses line-up; there is no better way then
to start with X-A3.


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  1. Hi, do u recommend x-a2 user to upgrade to x-a3? Im planning to get x-a2 for everyday/casual/instagram-pinterest worthy photography but then x-a3 came out. Is x-a3 far better than x-a2 in terms of iq/color/sharpness? Also, is bokeh good in x-a2?thank u.

    1. Its definitely an upgrade base on the 16MP to 24MP. If you just shooting casually for IG/pinterest
      then X-A2 is more then able to do the job. But if you have the budget; get the X-A3. As for bokeh this
      depends on your lens choice. cheers.

  2. Thanks for the great review. How would you compare x-a3 and x-t2 for their IQ? I understand these are 2 completely different cameras in handling and AF, but I don’t want to pay extra $1000 for handling only. Have you tried to take same scene / lens with both?

    1. HELLO. I have not tried the comparison. But I would say if you could find a X-T1 vs X-T2 article on IQ,
      then I would say that will be a good guide. As for handling its about the same to me.You need to ask yourself,
      do you print you pictures? if you do, then X-A3 is the way to go. If not then X-A2 is more then able to handle
      the rest of your requirement. cheers.

  3. I was not asking x-a3 vs x-a2 but rather x-a3 vs x-t2. Both have new 24mp sensors but slightly different ones and different filter Bauer vs x-trans. X-t2 is three times more expensive. I can only justify paying extra if it brings not only more features and speed but also IQ.

    1. The 3 times price difference is just not the IQ only. Everything in X-T2 is pro specs. X-A3 is a entry level camera. period.
      AF is a totally diffrent. its worth more then 3 times. The X-T2 IQ is definitely better. When you hold a X-T2 in your hand, one
      could “feel” the lux and how well built it is. X-A3 is no where close. Again what one pays is what one get. Having said all this.
      X-A3 is good general camera. IQ is great for the price.

  4. Hi, I’m new to your blog. Glad to see a review of xa3, there aren’t many on the Internet for some reason. It’s a nice little kit for people who don’t like x trans…like me 🙂

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