X-A3 vs X-T1,X100T,X-Pro1

As I was doing a simple write up on the new Fujifilm X-A3 on my blog;
I thought the IQ were pretty stunning for a entry level camera.
More read via this link : https://fujifanboys.com/2016/09/09/x-a3-its-pinkalicious/
That caught me thinking; is the IQ better then the older generation X-series
cameras? As with technologies; it can only get better or not?

So I decided to take out a X100T, X-T1, X-Pro1 which are all 16MP to take on
the 24MP X-A3. All mounted with a XF23mm F1.4 lens. Except for X100T which
already house a 23mm F2 leaf shutter lens.

New Baby vs Old Champion.
X-A3 + XF23mm F2. ISO 200

All the setting were set to ISO 200 at F2. As this is not a scientific test but rather
a photographer with nothing better to do on a Saturday evening. I just wanna test
on IQ and not on any other stuff like high ISO or auto focus speed.

Here are the 4 pictures. Could this new X-A3 beats the old guards? Let me
know what are your thoughts?

X-Pro1 + XF23mm
X-T1 + XF23mm
X-A3 + XF23mm

Below are the actual files if you wanna view full size.

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  1. Why the X-A3 needs more speed with the same aperture to get even more clearer phototographies? Is its sensor and processoe the same as the one inside the X-T2? Otherwise it is very dificult to find diferences

    1. Hi jean, I have not really tested the X-A3 except for a pre-production set. X-A3 uses is different sensor from X-T2 and I believe
      the processor is definitely different too.

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