X-T3. Fujifilm Finest.

Feels like yesterday that I have gotten my X-T2. But its been 2 years.
In the electronic world new products roll out quicker than we could fully
utilize our current product. As for me I have and I am here to share
my experience with the new X-T3.
Retrolicious. Beauty with substance.
X-T3 with the new chunkier hand grip.
DSCF1556 1
Beautiful craftsmanship.
As I am writing this X-T3 blog post I realize almost all the details of X-T3
can be found in Fujirumors! I am screwed; what is there left to share? I
am not going waste your time with the details specification of the new
Fujifilm X-T3. All you need to know it house a 26MP APS-C X-trans BSI
sensor. No IBIS; which is fine.
As a X-T2 user myself I would believe many would like to know what is
the main improvement in X-T3. Here is my non technical mini review.
XF56mm APD. ISO80, 1/250 F3.2 Lite By Profoto 8A.
XF10-24mm ISO 80, 20sec F22.
XF8-16mm @8mm. ISO200, 1/15 F22
XF16-55mm ISO 80, 1/850 F4
Auto focus. Damn its amazing. I first mounted my classic XF35mm F1.4
on it. Boy, this camera did some sorcery and this lens feel faster than
before. Wow. The AF on X-T3 is certainly a notch up even with older
lenses. I think its even faster than X-H1. The face and eye detection is
way faster and more accurate. Eye detection is even available in AF-C
mode. Portraits, Wedding and fashion photographer will love this
upgraded feature. Of course sports photographer will be the happiest lot.
DSCF0028 1
XF8-16mm @8mm. ISO160, 1/2000 F6.4. Lite by Broncolor Siros
XF50-140mm + 1.4TC ISO400, 1/420 F4
XF56mm ISO 80, 1/1000 F1.2
Low ISO is now at 80 and one could shoot up to 15 minutes long for long
exposure photography. Gone with the 30 seconds limit. Finally a touch
screen for X-T3. The LCD is 3 way just like X-H1. Eterna and Crome effect
is now part of the X-T3 film simulation and feature.
Speed options.
Basic ISO at 160. Low at 80.
Side view with vertical grip.
Rolling Shutter. With X-T1 it was 1/15 and X-T2 1/30 and with X-T3 it has
improve to 1/60. With the top speed at 30 frame per second in crop mode;
the 1/60 in electronic shutter is certainly welcome. The position of X-T3
Viewfinder is move back by 3mm to prevent nose from touching the LCD.
I guess it only matters to ladies’s make-up and man with oily face.
XF16-55mm ISO 80, 50 sec F22.
XF8-16mm @8mm. ISO160, 1/20 F22.
XF8-16mm @8mm. ISO160, 1/600 F6.4.
Rear view with vertical grip.
X-T3 and X-T2
XF10-24mm @10mm. ISO80, 1/1.7 F5.6
XF8-16mm @8mm. ISO160, 1/45 F22
XF10-24mm ISO 80, 15 sec F22.
XF8-16mm @8mm. ISO160, 1/60 F22
XF35mm F1.4 ISO160, 1/200 F5.6.
XF8-16mm @8mm. ISO200, 1/15 F22
XF10-24mm @10mm. ISO160, 1/420 F5.6.
From 24MP to 26MP isn’t a lot to me. It’s not even 10 percent. The
improvement is in the low noise department albeit others from the new
BSI sensor. I believe the most important feature in Fujifilm X-T2 and now
X-T3 camera is the user experience and Fuji colors. It’s second to none.
Fujifilm’s finest.
XF10-24mm ISO 80, 15 sec F22.
XF10-24mm ISO 80, 1/340 F9
Through the generation. It only gets better.
Side by Side.
DSCF1763 1
XF16-55mm ISO 80, 50 sec F22.
XF16-55mm ISO 80, 1/640 F2.8
XF16-55mm ISO 80, 20 sec F22.
XF16-55mm ISO 80, 20sec F22.
Lastly I think the price of the new X-T3 is more competitive and thus
more compelling for me to upgrade. What about the down side? Now I
have to spend some time selling my X-T2. Any takers?
Below are 2 Full Res shot taken in jpeg.
IG @ivanjoshualoh


  1. I’d take it if if the price is within my budget 🙈 how much you selling it though? Contemplating between a new camera body or spending on glass instead.

  2. Cool and console review. I’m not sure that the upgrade is due for me at this point as the xpro2 gets used more than my current xt2. But this does give me some jitters for the xpro3, whenever it should arrive.

  3. Great review, and very nice to see Singapore

    Obviously the camera is excellent, but how is the finish on the silver version, do you think it will wear as well as the black on

    It shouldn’t matter, but coming from an Xpro2 I like the retro look of the silver, vain I know

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