X70. Ultimate Compact Camera.

As a commercial photographer; street photography is not my element.
With the arrival of the smallest and lightest X-series camera; I decided
to take this small little wonder to the street. Not just just street but also
bring it to the other world of landscape; architecture, environmental
portraits, food etc….. Lets call the X70 Ultimate Compact Camera. (UCC)

Here is what I gonna do; I gonna squeeze as much juice as I could
from this little camera and see if this camera has what it takes to
be the Ultimate Compact Camera.

All pictures taken at set at 28mm. No digital zoom is used. I am not
a real fan of digital zoom.

Street Photography is probably why many would lust after this camera.
Its fits perfectly into your pocket; almost. At 28mm wide; its a pretty
comfortable focal length to shoot. But one needs to fill the frame.
The extra advantage would be the tilt screen and touch screen. I
use this pretty often, especially in corners, low or high angles. Of
course the classic layout of aperture ring, shutter and compensation
dial is easily within reach for that lighting fast adjustment.





I love the details and IQ of X70


Architecture and landscape photography. I think every architect should own a X70.
At 28mm its nice. Add a teleconvertor lens; TADA! Its a 21mm
superwide angle lens for some drama shots. For landscape lovers
21mm is perfect. The IQ is not gonna disappoint. What more could
we ask for?







Food Photography. At 28mm its not the best focal length for food
but like what I mention earlier I gonna squeeze every bit of juice
out of X70. Have it look and I think its does a pretty decent job. Agree?



Environmental portraiture. At 28mm its may not be ideal for portrait photography. Environmental Portraiture; this may be perfect.


Commercial photography.
I manage to have the opportunity to test it out. I was at a luxury resort
shooting a outdoor pool in a villa. This pool faces the sea. The chairs
and table is further in and therefore its in the shadow. The highlights
and the shadows of this scene is pretty great. Two Profoto B1 was
used for the set-up to light up the chairs and table.
This is where the X70 shines with the leaf shutter; my shutter speed
was set at 1/1000. Its able to flash sync with the lights.

F8 @ 1/1000 with 2 x Profoto B1


Another fun thing is placing the X70 on dining table. The tilt screen
acts as a support for the angle. Set it to wireless and shoot via your
iphone and you will amaze this silent camera could capture over a


My final thoughts. The X70 is a VERY capable compact camera.
When I first had it; I didn’t think much of it. After spending a few
week with it; I truly understand and experience this small little
wonder’s capability. Plus I love the selfie tilt screen mode.


Selfie with fellow X-shooter. Ringo Chong.

I believe this will be a popular question, which camera do I perfer,
100T of X70 system? Basically they both have the same 16MP sensor.
And yet they are very different.


I would like to compare with the total system.

X70 comes with 28mm F2.8. If I add the X100 TCL; maybe that makes
it 42mm at F2.8. I did notice a little vignetting for subject further away.
Add the WCL for X70 its transform into a ultra wide 21mm. So for X70
we have a system with 21mm,28mm and 42mm at F2.8.

Shot with TCL on X70.


Shot with TCL on X70.

X100T 35mm focal length. add a TCL or WCL; your X100T system
will have a 28mm,35mm and 50mm at F2.

Now which system would I go for? If I don’t; own any X-cameras like
Xpros, XEs, X-T1s etc. I would go for X100 systems. Simply because
its a F2 and the hybrid viewfinder is essential and a joy to have. I could
use it for street and also some serious work.

If I do own a X-cameras system, I would go for X70 system because of
the size and 21mm ultra wide angle lens. This will be great daily camera
with tilt screen. To me its definitely the Ultimate Compact Camera.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Got some very nice pictures there. I wonder if there is a difference in AF speed+accuracy between X100T and X70.

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