XF10. Big Capabilities Compact Camera.

XF10. Yes, its smaller than a X70. The bad news,
it’s just a tad. Maximum 15% “slimmer”. Again, X70
wasn’t that big to begin with. I have been putting it into

my pants’s pocket and I feel nothing. Which is good news.

This new 24MP APS-C compact camera is crafted for
street photographers who wants a small camera in order
to be Mr. Stealth. As we know being stealth is not just
wearing black and having a small black camera. XF10
has 18.5mm focal lenght with a F-stop of F2.8.
The design of this camera is modern, sleek and simple.
If I were to color all the white text on the top plate to black,
it’s really beautiful. Do note XF10 doesn’t house a X-Trans
sensor and that is not a deal breaker for me.
F2.8 ISO200 1/1000
F2.8 ISO200 1/1500
F2.8 ISO200 1/4000
F4.5 ISO200 1/220
F2.8 ISO200 1/40
F2.8 ISO200 1/35
I first had an all black XF10 and as the date draws closer
to the embargo, I was given another XF10 that is champagne
gold with a tan leather handgrip. First impression I didn’t
like it but as time goes by; I like it more. A pretty classy
little camera.
AF feels about the same as X70. Even if its faster; it’s
insignificant. If street is your thing. XF10 offer snap
shooting feature. Either in two meters or five meters range
option. I do welcome the joystick as part of the control.
There is no aperture ring and thus the control is now operate
via the ring around the shutter button. Technically one
could change the aperture and fire off with just the index
finger. The funtion (FN) button is place in the middle section
of the top plate. I like it; as this will prevent any accidental
activation of what ever setting you have set.
F16 ISO250 1/60
F8 ISO200 1/320
F2.8 ISO200 1/340
F8 ISO200 1/75
F8 ISO200 1/220
F8 ISO200 1/220
F2.8 ISO200 1/70
F8 ISO200 1/680
F2.8 ISO200 1/1300
F4 ISO200 1/3000
F8 ISO200 1/340
F2.8 ISO200 1/125
F2.8 ISO200 1/420
F4.5 ISO200 1/2000
F4 ISO800 1/30
F4.5 ISO200 1/750
F2.8 ISO200 1/450
F2.8 ISO200 1/40
F5.6 ISO200 1/480
F2.8 ISO200 1/3500
F2.8 ISO200 1/10
F4 ISO200 1/35
F2.8 ISO200 1/600
F2.8 ISO800 1/30
F2.8 ISO200 1/125
F2.8 ISO200 1/250
F5.6 ISO200 1/1500
F2.8 ISO200 1/70
I have only 2 complain about XF10. I wish it had a tilt screen.
I love X70 for this. Perfect for wefie session at parties. The
other is the ON/OFF switch. There are a few occasion that
it accidentally switch on inside my pocket. I don’t know
how but it’s switch on.
As a whole; XF10 is a pretty neat package. With big
capabilities in a pocket-friendly size. Place it in hands
of an able photographer, XF10 could yield great results. I
don’t think XF10 is the successor for X70. Again will there
be a X80? Nobody knows. So XF10 will be best compact
Fujifilm is offering at the moment.
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  1. Dear Ivan,

    I just wanna to know if the WCL-X70 can be attached on the XF10?
    BTW, Your works are amazing!

  2. Hi Ivan. Thanks for the review. Nice shots. Two questions. Is there threading on the lens for a filter? And can the camera shoot with LCD turned off? Thanks.

  3. Hey, I’d grab this in a second if it was compatible with the wide converter from the X70. The lens is the exact same… ANH idea about whether it works?

  4. Nice quick review, with the excellent images I expect from you 🙂

    Looks like a great compact option for Fuji. Like the Bayer sensor and newly added Ricoh-style snap focus.

    A few questions about the lens:

    1) Does it extend when powered on?
    2) Does it move in and out when focusing, or does it have internal focus?
    3) How does the lens cap attach? Assuming it’s a pinch cap that affixes just outside the lens lettering and is not a push on style like the X100 series.


  5. Now THIS is interesting. For me size is everything, and I like small. Ever since I dumped what now seems an absurdly huge Canon 60d in favour of a Fuji x100 I have loved small, because, as we all now know, it’s what you do with it that counts.
    It is a shame the processor is nothing special, though, because it is here Fuji is in danger from top end phones – the sensors and lenses may not be great in an iphone, but the software and processing is pure genius at covering those tracks, and it is here Fuji really MUST redouble it’s efforts if it is to demonstrate there IS a point in buying a dedicated (and relatively expensive) camera rather than a phone; After all, it’s lenses are FAR superior to anything you are likely to find on a phone and the sensor is much larger.
    We can laugh at the younger generation wanting terrific results straight out of the camera, no effort required in taking or processing, but, ah, why not? For those who know better, nothing is stopping them.

  6. Since you have the x70 as well, will you keep your x70 or change to the XF10? I have an x70 and love it, but jumping to XF10 would only give more megapixels, every other aspect seems like a downgrade! I especially love the option of the WCL-x70, which doesn’t seem to be available with th XF10.

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