XF80 vs XF90

Many who are thinking of adding a lens with this focal range would
wonder which is the one. Even though this two beauties are only
10mm apart, they are each definitely created with different purposes.
Are we able to shoot portraits with XF80mm F2.8 Macro? It certainly
can. Or can we do some macro photography XF90mm F2? It certainly
can, one just have to ensure your insect needs to be big. Let me put
this in perspective. XF80mm is perfect for shooting an ant. It has
a 1.0X magnification factor. And if you are using a XF90mm, shoot a
badass queen ant. Below are 2 set of picture to show the difference

in minimum focus distance and its effect.

Both lenses could do as the other but certainly not as well. For
example XF80mm as a portrait lens. As you can see it pretty close.
Base on my non scientific review; they are on par. Below
are 2 pictures using both lenses and shot at F2.8.
XF80mm @ F2.8
XF90mm @F2.8


XF90mm @ F2
Except for the bokeh aspect; XF90mm will have an edge. Not that
XF80mm is bad; its just that XF90mm is better in this area. If I would
to shoot outdoor portraits; XF90mm will be gold standard for me.The
roundness of the bokeh balls are also rounder; if that really matters
to you. Once its shot at F2 on the XF90mm, you will know this is really
an amazing portrait lens. The picture just pops!
If we turn the coin now and shoot close up stuff, then XF80mm will the
the gold standard. Its created for this primary purpose. Macro photography.
Macro is not just for insect and flower but also product photography, beauty
shot, etc. Below are shot with XF80mm.
EmptyName 166 1EmptyName 218
DSCF9941 1


EmptyName 1
Shot with XF80mm.




AF is pretty fast and quiet on XF80mm. It’s also a WR lens. The
downside is the size of the lens and its weight; at 750g, it’s no
feather weight. This is easily forgiven as it comes with a 5-stop OIS.
Lastly did I mention to you that both the 1.4 and 2.0 Teleconverter is also
compatible with the XF80mm.  With 1.4TC it’s at 112mm F4 and 2.0TC
it’s at 160mm F5.6.
DSCF9942 2
Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 8.45.53 PM
Finally; there are no winners. Choose what fits yours shooting style and
needs. Trust me; both lenses are rewarding to use.
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Thank you.


  1. The 90mm is a splendid lens! I’ve used it a great deal more than I thought I would where prior I’d have stuck with the 56mm. I’ve got to say it was little hard to comeby for a while there in the UK when I was looking for one. New fuji stuff sells out fast, preorder all day long!

    I suppose it’s the same sort of comparison between the 60mm macro and 56mm. You can certainly getting away with it but ultimately pick for purpose really. Thanks a lot for the review it was very helpful to see some images.

  2. Hello Ivan. Thank you very much for the excellent comparison between these two stellar Fujinon XF lenses!
    As I’m a product and landscape photographer, bokeh is not a concern for me, rather, sharpness is! So, could you discern an advantage in sharpness to the newer XF80 Macro?

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