Budget Bright Star. (TTartisan 35mm F0.95)

This is probably the brightest lens I ever used.The closest is the XF50mm F1.0. That is a beastof a lens. Voted the worst lens of 2020 by DP review. And I am proud of be an owner of this lens. Now; lets get back to TTartisan 35mm F0.95 manual lens.  

Design and Handling

I wasn’t very sure of the zebra design principle on this lens. Didn’t really like it as I felt its too busy with all the silver lines across the entire lens. Of course this Zebra design is reminiscent of some 1950-60 lenses. Strangely after using it for the while; this design grew with me. I am not disliking as much. Maybe after a Month, I could be loving it. Check it out  when I paired with a X-T5 and a retro rig by SmallRig. Sweet isn’t it? 

Retro cage by SmallRig.
double exposure

This lens is small and rather light compare to other 0.95 lenses. Works well with any X-series camera. There won’t be any weight distribution issue. Build quality is good. Feels good in the hands too. The aperture ring is click at half stop each. And the aperture ring, its on the front end of the barrel; which is not to my liking. Focus ring is smooth. 

Sharpness and Vignetting 

I have issue with this. The reason why I would get this lens is very simple; it’s the F0.95 capability. Is it sharp? Focusing on a far subject, at most this lens gives me an average sharpness. Which is fine. As for close subject I am not able to nail it. Don’t really know how to explain this. It’s sharp but in a soft way. Once you stop down to at least F2; sharpness becomes acceptable. At F2.8-4, all is good. So nothing to complain. As for vignetting; at wideopen there is some. Again, nothing we can’t correct in post. The minimum focusing distant is at 35cm. Which I think its perfectly fine.


There is barrel distortion in this lens. If you are not using this lensfor architectural; you are safe. I guess most of us will use this lens for some portraits; so its ok. 

A good example of the barrel distortion

Final Thoughts

Would I get this lens that is rather soft at F0.95? If you like this lens like myself and need to justify to your wife or girlfriend. Then, this final section of this blog is important. Let me share my pitch. 

“The TTartisan is probably the most least expensive F0.95 lens in the market. At F0.95; this power house is rather small and light. Build quality is good. This lens do gets sharper from F2 onwards. Perfect for street and everyday day photography. If you need to create some soft and dreamy bokehlious result, at F0.95 this lens will be it. Works well for video too.  This lens could create some magical shots. So what is there not to love?

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