35mm F0.95 by Brightin Star

X-E4 + 35mm F0.95 + YC Onion hand grip.

Here is another F0.95 lens. This time is by Brightin Star. A 35mm F0.95 manual lens.This is indeed a very competitive category. When I posted in @fujifanboys; someone commented that this lens looks like 7Artisan 35mm F0.95 lens. I have never own the 7Artisan 35mm F0.95, less trying it. But they do look pretty similar when I have a quick look on the web. I actually took the lens and weight it. The Brighton Star is 2 grams lighter and also 20% cheaper at USD$199 vs USD$249 for 7Artisan. In fact Mitakon has a similar version. Did a quick check Meike 50mm F0.95 and 7Artisan 50mm F0.95 looks similar too. They have the same aperture formula. 

Can you read my mind now? I would like to find out where is the factory that produces these lenses. Maybe some of you already know. Care to share? Now back to Brighton Star. If all thing being equal; this lens will be consider Best Buy at USD$199. The images its produces are good. I just have to brush up my manual focusing skill.

At 100% zoom. What do you think of this lens?
@100% zoom Shot at F0.95
X-Pro3 with 35mm F0.95 by Brightin Star.

The build quality is good. Metal construction and even the lens cap is metal. Focusing ring is buttery smooth. This lens does have a clicked aperture ring. Half stop click till F4. After that it does gets a little strange. There is no F5.6. It’s skips to F8. And skip againto F16. This is similar to both Mitakon and 7Artisans too. Optically it’s good at this price point. It’s pretty sharp if you take time and nail it well at F0.95. Like any other lens; once you stop down to F2 to F2.8, it’s sharp. I do experience a little chromatic aberration at wide open. Minimum focusing distant is 37cm.

I do enjoy using it, so does my 12 years daughter. Recently we were just chatting and she mention that maybe she should start Fujifangirls. As a father I think its a nice thing to have your kids trying to do what you are doing. We check the name in Instagram and its still available. And the rest is history. Kindly do check it out and support her journey and maybe someday she would be a Fujifilm X-photographer. https://www.instagram.com/fujifangirls/

@fujifangirls having some fun too.

Final thoughts on the Brightin Star. If you are looking at this category; TTartisan 35mm F0.95 will be the closest competitor. Both at USD$199. Check out my review of this TTartisan lens  https://fujifanboys.com/blog/budget-bright-star-ttartisan-35mm-f0-95/  I think both lenses performs pretty similar. So there is no winner. As for me I love the design of Brighton Star more and that is where my heart goes.  All photos are shot wide open, @F0.95.

Lastly do visit our IG as there is a giveaway for this lens at the moment. Good luck. Giveaway ends on 30th Sept 2023. https://www.instagram.com/fujifanboys/


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