Blooming Tales; 1 filter and 2 lenses.

I have just gotten my second Moment Cinebloom filter. 20% strength. Its a 67mm diameter. And that fits both the new XF56mm F1.2 R WR and Viltrox 13mm F1.4. So the last two week plus I have been shooting with this combo with a X-H2. Changing the Cinebloom between the 2 lenses, how should I put it,  it’s quite painful vs changing lenses. Maybe I should invest on another 67mm cinebloom filter.  

Right photo with Cinebloom.

I have always used my cinebloom during the night. This past two week I have used it as if it’s not there. Just general walkabout photography. Running errands, fetching kids, work and weekend family time. I wanna see what kind of result would I yield from this filter. Not just for the night bloom results. I wanna see how this filter behave in different time of the day. Aa crazy thought that just invaded me. Does stacking a 10% and 20% cinebloom gives me 30% strength? Let me know if anyone has done it?  

Below are some of my favorite photos. Have a look and see what a filter could do to our frame. Different condition, reflection and bokeh level might effect the bloom.  

Lastly, below photos were taken with other Fujifilm cameras from my 1st Cinebloom filter. Also at 20%.


Lastly here link to share on my mishap that broke my Cinebloom. The result is actually

quite cool.

To purchase Moment Cinebloom, here is the link

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