FOUND! Ultimate Urban Camera BAG.


G.A.S., or commonly known as Gear Acquisition Syndrome. As a
photographer its an addiction that is so hard to kick. We will reach a
point and remind ourselves that we have enough gears and now we
should focus on the real reason why we started photography; to learn
to take great pictures! Right?

One evening , over dinner at a Italian restaurant with a buddy; he started
to share with me how great his week was. And how his new gears that he
recently acquire has help him in his shoots. Mama Mia ! Looking at his pictures
just simply blow me away! Suddenly I begin to shiver and my heart beat
rates increases by 2 folds. G.A.S. is in full throttle!

Stopping a women’s quest for shoes and handbags is like trying to stop
the waves from coming to the beach; its unstoppable! Same with
photographer’s quest for camera gears and bags.

Ultimate Urban Camera Bag?
Ultimate Urban Camera Bag?

Today is special. I think I might have found my Ultimate Urban Camera Bag.
Lets just name it OLAF! It was love at first sight; and also because its meet
many of my needs from a bag’s perspective. In retrospect; which of my
previous bag didn’t meet this requirement! LOL!

OLAF is not really small nor very light. Just like women always loves stiletto; its not
comfortable to the feet but all women adores it. So who and what is OLAF?
Its a backpack, its a long board kick scooter; its a trolley bag…. its my
Ultimate Urban Camera Bag. (for now!)


Soft Long Board
Soft Long Board


The detachable backpack has 2 main slot. I am able to insert my 15’ Mac book
pro, fit in my Billingham Hadley’s insert into it perfectly. And there is a lot more
space and pockets left for all your other needs. To be exact the backpack is
able to swallow up to 26 liters of space. To give you a perspective, the backpack
could easily fit 2 Fuji X-T1, and easily 6-8 Fujinon lenses. Plus a laptop too.

Kick scooter is real necessity for any city dwellers; especially street photographers.
They are able to help us travel greater distant with ease; especially your gears are
safe in the backpack securely mounted on a baseplate at the front of the kick scoot.
Build with a special high carbon front axis that absorbs road bumps, the OLAF’s ride
is a fragrant joyride. Sweet!

DSCF5161 DSCF5054

Olaf gives one the freedom to travel anyway, almost anywhere until you are
face with a flight of stairs. Fret not, within seconds one is able to fold down
and transform the scoot into a trolley. Instead to trying to carry the trolley up
the 100 steps ahead of you; one is able to backpack it. Its a backpack with
the kick scoot all integrated into one. Its almost magical.

OLAF’s backpack has reflective bits on it. This is pinnacle especially in
the night. When backpacking the OLAF; there is also a wheel cover from the
backpack. Thus preventing the dirt from the wheel to your clothes. How thoughtful
is that?


There you go; my Ultimate Urban Camera Bag. Its a trolley, a backpack and a kick
scooter. Lastly its the most exhilarating and practical camera bag I ever own. Period.
Here is the G.A.S. link :
Video :


A bit about Ivan;
He is professional commercial photographer base in Singapore. Currently going
through rehab at the GASH ( Gear Acquisition Syndrome Hospital ) His current
Japanese doctor; Dr Fujinon san is apparently not able to fully treat Ivan’s Gear
Acquisition Syndrome.

And therefore Dr Fujinon San has refer him to his university buddy who is renown
specialist across the United States. He is none other then Dr. B&H. Hopefully Ivan
is able to fully recover from G.A.S. His last words before going into the check out
room with Dr. B&H was : Less isn’t always betteeeeeeeeeeerrrrr!


  1. Good Morning Ivan,
    I was looking through e website on e various Olaf products when I was your post.
    May I know how did you make your purchase, and how much you paid it you had it posted over?
    It would be wonderful if you could give me any advice, or your cost breakdown.
    Many thanks Ivan, and have a great day ahead..



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