GF55mm F1.7 WR. Another magical lens?

GF55mm F1.7 WR.  At 55mm; we are looking at about 44mm focal length in full frame. If you don’t own a GF110mm,GF80mm F1.7 and GF63mm F2.8; please just go ahead and buy this lens. As you don’t need any justification because its a GREAT lens.

If you do own those lenses I mention; please continue reading and hopefully you could see enough photos and reasons to justified the purchase. The first thing I love about this lens is obviously it’s a F1.7 lens. The brightest for GFX system. Similar brightness as GF80mm F1.7. Both are also WR but unfortunately it doesn’t have LM. Not really a deal breaker for me. GF45mm weights 490 grams and GF63mm at 405 grams. The GF55mm weights 775 grams according to my wife’s green colour weight scale. If you add GF45mm and GF63mm, the total weight is 895 grams vs GF55mm at 775 grams. This lens is pretty heavy compared with the 2 other siblings. But this lens do have the magic dust to justified it. The photos just pops more compared to the other close siblings. At F1.7, it’s very shallow and care is needed to nail a shot.

GFX100S + GF55mm @ F1.7. 1/2000 ISO100 + Godox AD200
GFX100S + GF55mm @ F1.7. 1/40 ISO800
GFX100S + GF55mm @ F1.7. 1/550 ISO100
GFX100 ll + GF55mm @ F1.7. 1/12,000 ISO80
GFX100 ll + GF55mm @F1.7 ISO 80, 1/280
GFX100ll + GF55mm @ F1.7. 1/300 ISO80
GFX100 ll + GF55mm @ F1.7. 1/550, ISO80
GFX100 ll + GF55mm @F1.7 ISO80 1/1300
GFX100 ll + GF55mm @F1.7, ISO1250, 1/40
GFX100 ll + GF55mm @ F1.7. 1/40 ISO80
GFX100S + GF55mm @ F1.7. 1/105 ISO100
GFX100S + GF55mm @ F1.7. 1/900 ISO100

At 55mm focal length; this lens is pretty versatile. Perfect as a general purpose lens. At F1.7 it’s an amazing lens for documentary portraits. Enough space to capture the model and the environment.  Optically this lens is superb. It’s not a small lens compared with its sibling. Is has a 77mm filter size. 

In conclusion. The GF55mm F1.7 WR is great lens. As I own both GF45mm and GF63mm. Would I sell both these lens and stick to a GF55mm? I won’t. I love GF45mm for its versatility. I might sell the GF63mm and get a GF55mm. One needs to know there is only one downside and that is the weight. If you could live with that; please get the GF55mm F1.7 WR. It’s worth every cent for the magic dust.   

GFX100S + GF55mm @ F1.7. 1/2000 ISO100 + Godox AD200

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