GFX100 ll. The Best yet.

GFX100 ll. Having used a preproduction set for close to 2 weeks. I asked myself, if it is the right time to upgrade? I have been rocking the GFX100S for 3 years. I am at this crossroad, where I need to justified this change. Valid? I am sure I am not the only one. Every photographer has its reason; that is a personal choice. Of course if money is not an issue; this is a closed case. Unfortunately for many of us; money is the issue. 

First of all; there is nothing wrong with the GFX100S. I am still 100% happy using it as a tool for my commercial work. The question is, does the improvement of GFX100 ll help me as photographer in my field of work? 

Continuous focus have definitely improve on the GFX100 ll.
Frame 1 ( 100% zoom )
Frame 2 ( 100% zoom )
Frame 3 ( 100% zoom )
Frame 4 ( 100% zoom )

As a still photographer; the GFX100 ll’s AF has indeed improved. Better tracking AF. Working with eye detection switch on is such a joy. 8 FPS for mechanical shutter and 8.8 FPS for electronic shutter. The other feature that amazes me is the EVF. At 1.0 magnification and has whopping 9.44 million dot. Improve 16 bit raw. Base ISO at now at 80.  All thanks to the new 102MP sensor. Did I mention, it now has a 8 stop IBIS. The new film simulation is REALA Ace. This character of this film simulation produces true to life results. At least to me. Feels also a tad on the cooler side. 

Eye detection is spot on. (100% zoom )
Reala Ace film simulation. GF55mm F1.7
9.44 million EVF.
GF55mm F1.7

All this sounds great and its a valid reason to upgrade? Or for those who is looking at the most popular medium format camera system in the world; now is the time to get into it. At USD$7499, you are buying into the most amazing Medium format camera in the market.  With a total of 17 high quality lenses supporting the GFX system. This system is second to none. What I love about GFX100 ll is that the vertical/ battery grip is optional. That leads me to ask; is there a need for a GFX100S replacement? Maybe in the near future; there could only be 2 models? GFX100 ll and maybe a GFX50R style camera. That would be nice? Or maybe a fixed lens GFX, I am still dreaming about that.

I just loves the texture of the new body wrap.
GF55mm F1.7
Left GFX100 ll, Right X-H2

The design of GFX100 ll has up the game. The camera not only looks great but feels great. Build like a tank. It’s actually 100 plus grams heavier than GFX100S. Which is OK for me because of all the amazing feature this camera has to offer. Of course it’s way lighter than the original GFX100.

There is always 2 sides to a coin. The video ability of GFX100 ll have certainly match up to the still photography capability. It’s now a much much able video camera. I am not an expert in the video department but here are the GFX100 ll video capability. 

– 8K 30P (1.44 crop)-

-4K 60P ( No crop )

-7680 x 4320 resolution 

– Full HD at 120P

– 4: 2 : 2 10 bit ProRes interntal 

– Various Cinema format; Premista/Anamorphic 

Bobby trying out the Altas Anamorphic lens on the GFX ll.
Altas Anamorphic lens on the GFX ll. Cool right? Thanks to @thelostkuma

Many like to compare between formats but the reality is M4/3 can never be better in term of IQ versus APS-C. And the truth is APS-C can never be better than Full Frame camera system, as FF IQ is just another level up. Having said that GFX is better than Full Frame in term of IQ. Period. There is no point arguing on this. Every system has its own place. Size, price, AF capability, IQ and weight. If you are looking at a medium format system; this new GFX100 ll sits at the very top! No other medium format system can match the money to power ratio for it. The performance and specs is second to none. Lastly, should I sell my GFX100S and get GFX100 ll? 


  1. Thanks for the nice article sir! As a 100% stills landscape, product and wildlife photographer using a Nikon Z8 system, I would be very interested in seeing side-by-side test images between these 2 systems.

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