Last Minute Photowalk with Kani Filters

Once in a while I get a FujiFanboys asking when is the next photowalk. I gotten ask again on Monday and decide to do a Last Minute Photowalk on Tuesday. Wasn’t sure if there would be anyone, as it so last minute. in the end, including myself we had a lovely size of 6 pax. It was after a heavy downpour in tropical Singapore and thus the weather was lovely after the rain.
We had a great time shooting, sharing and also chatting about “politics” in photography. I also brought Kani Haseo filter and mist filter to add some fun in the shoot at Little India. I personally love this filter when it apply well in a scene. ( I am still exploring the potential of this filter) I used a X-H2 with XF16-55mm F2.8, XF50mm F1.0, XF56mm F1.2 WR and Viltrox 13mm F1.4. Let me know what you think?

Love the effect of Kani Haseo Filter.
Matte using his own 20 stops IBIS. 10 stops stabilisation per calf.
Meet the famous 6!
Sleeping beauty + Mist Filter
Meet the 2 GFX Vivo Guru.
Max is really happy this evening as he is testing his new GF80mm F1.7
Late Market. Viltrox 13mm + Mist filter.
Local church ( Mist Filter )
Friendly Hawkers. X-H2 + XF16-55mm F2.8
Friendly Photographers at work. X-H2 + XF16-55mm F2.8
I shoot you, you shot him.
Kani Haseo filter. I love this result.
Matte trying to share that GFX is the Best. LOL
Risk takers: Peng Lin and Alwin.
Master at work.
Max shooting some workers at a local Indian restaurant.
Here is comparison photo. Model :
More photo taken with Kani Haseo.

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