Working with Jaslin Marie Mossadeg

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is
so true even for a photographer. Even thought we
photograph at work, this is different from doing a
personal project. I don’t have the luxury to do many
personal projects as much as I like.
It will great if a photographer could achieve two
personal project in a month. This week I have
some time and manage to a line the stars and
work out a schedule with @natalia_brows_mua.
Natalia is an amazing make-up stylist from
Belarus. I also manage to have @jasline_marie
as my lovely model. In all my years as a photographer;
Jaslin ’s professionalism is second to none. Always
polite, always punctual and a very hard working model.
The team at Fujifilm Studio.
Today’s shoot is inspired by photographer Tim Walker. BIG
is the word. Big Boobs. I brought 2 rubber balls and some
balloons. In fact Natalia brought a whole pack of balloons!
The balls were way too big. In term of proportion to Jaslin.
Even though I wanted it to be dramatically big. Balloons
were the way to go; plus we were able to adjust how big
we want to the scene.
Natalie at work.
Jaslin looking happy with her new boobs.
Trade secret. Real vs fake.
Please focus on how beautiful X100F and the Peak design strap is.
Natalia taking a shot.
As with all shoots, it’s about having fun. Hope you had a
good laugh looking at the photos.
Fruit seller? GFX + GF110mm.
GFX + GF110 F2. Profoto 8a and 3 x B1.
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And if you do have a few minutes to spare, do check
Wanna guess who took this shot?

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